After 6 months in development DMX 5.2 has been finally released at Jun 26, 2021.
This release is packed with amazing new features and long awaited improvements.

Feature highlights:

  • File Handling. You can browse the local disc, and view/play files (text, image, audio, video) directly within the DMX Webclient. In a networked multi-user installation there is a shared file repository, access control, upload and download, create-folder features.
    The entire write-to-server aspect is factored out in its own plugin “DMX File Upload“, an optional installation.
  • Configurable arrow heads. The 2 endings of an association can be visualized by the means of 11 arrow types. Users can configure the arrow heads on a per-role type basis.


  • Topicmap Panel
    • No lock/unlock of in-map details. A new in-map detail layout made it possible to remove the dreaded lock/unlock switch. Both, node-level (select, move, context menu, …) and content-level (inline edit, text selection, reveal child topic, …) commands are now available at the same time. A major UX improvement.
    • In-map details are height-limited (based on display height), and scrollable.
    • Clicking outside context menu cancels the selection.
  • Detail Panel
    • Interactive Configuration. The DMX Webclient provides a frontend for the DMX ConfigService. At the moment this enables admins to configure things interactively on a per-user basis, e.g. “Account Activation”, “Disk Quota (MB)”, “Enabled Sharing Modes”.
    • Resizable detail panel. Grab its left border and drag it.
  • For developers: the DMX platform artifacts are available at Maven Central:

For the complete overview of DMX 5.2 see its milestone tickets:

You can update any DMX installation not older than DMX 5.0-beta-4. For update instructions see the DMX Admin Documentation. For developers (who update via git pull) see also this forum posting.

Download DMX 5.2 (7.5 MB):

All major plugins (“DMX Geomaps”, “DMX Tableview”, “DMX LDAP”, …) are adapted to DMX 5.2 already.
Please check on the Plugins page: