DMX 5.2.1 has been released at Aug 27, 2021. This maintenance release fixes a security related backend bug and brings new opportunities for plugin developers.

Bug fix:

  • A bug in the backend allowed users to join arbitrary workspaces (#489).

Plugin development framework:

  • DMX backend:
    • Core: a new privileged create-membership method supports the development of administrative plugins (#489).
  • DMX Webclient:
    • Drag’n’drop support for the Topicmap Panel: plugins can react to “topic dropped on another topic” and can accept/deny a drop on-the-fly (#485).
    • Component dmx-object-renderer: new attribute no-field-label allows custom renderers to switch off field labels (#488).
    • Custom renderers can provide model customizers (#487).

The backend extension is triggered by the needs of the dmx-tendu application.
The Webclient extensions were triggered by the needs of the dmx-music application.

For the complete overview of DMX 5.2.1 see its milestone tickets.

You can update any DMX installation not older than DMX 5.0-beta-4. For update instructions see the DMX Admin Documentation. For developers (who update via git pull) see also this forum posting.

Download DMX 5.2.1 (7.5 MB):

All DMX plugins (“DMX Geomaps”, “DMX Tableview”, “DMX LDAP”, …) which are compatible with DMX 5.2 will work with DMX 5.2.1 as well.