A powerful tool behind an easy to use interface

DMX - The Context Machine is your perfect tool for authoring, structuring and exploring networked information. Each individual item is a Topic which can be placed on a Topicmap. You can relate Topics through meaningful Associations.

Screenshot of a Topicmap in DMX Modeler showing "Railway" by Édouard Manet (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons and Manet in portrait by Nadar (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons

A Topicmap is a powerful means to learn and remember because it's visual and stable. It is created by you or your team. Our brain is excellent at processing information presented in such a way. Thereby DMX supports your individual and collaborative knowledge creation process.

Each Topic has a specific type e.g. Person, Organisation, Address or any other Topic Type you create. All Topics and Associations are stored in your DMX knowledge base. This networked information can be explored and displayed in multiple ways.

Creating content-rich applications

Combining the power of the Context Machine with modern web technologies leads to amazing websites like the award-winning Migration Control. TAZ journalists researched public data on money flows from the EU to African countries over several years. They uncovered that the money -  camouflaged as development aid - was used to stop migration from Africa to Europe.

TAZ Migration Control

Screenshots of the application TAZ Migration Control

The user-interface the TAZ team used to collect the data is a simple Google spreadsheet. From here data is imported to DMX where all the semantic associations are set. What was at first a confusing amount of data only making sense to a few experts become accessible to a larger audience. Read more about this DMX project ...

Who needs DMX - The Context Machine?

Quite likely you, your team, your organisation. Many of us face some kind of knowledge intensive work: as researcher, journalist, analyst, software developer, scientist, ... actually anyone dealing with networked information from various sources. Why not try yourself? Just download the ZIP-file and start modeling today.

We, the DMX Team develop software - the kind of software you deserved for such a long time. All applications we build are based on the DMX Platform - ready for next generation web projects. If you feel you are getting lost in data, please contact us.

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A free and open source software platform

We as humans are pretty good at making sense of unstructured data - but most of the current digital tools don't support us in doing so. While AI is taking off our focus remains on building software tools that are under human control. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us!

DMX - The Context Machine is free and open source software. It consists of the DMX Platform and the DMX Modeler. Plugins further expand its functionality. If you want to contribute please contact us.

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