DMX 5.3.3 has been released at Nov 11, 2023. It provides security improvements, crucial bug fixes, and some extensions for plugin developers.


  • Security: password hashes are stored with salt (#518) Thanks to @almereyda!
    • Optional additional site-wide salting, new config property
    • Legacy user accounts are converted automatically as soon as user logs in
  • Security: include session IDs in server log only at FINE level (#514) Thanks to @junes!
  • Configuration: in explain in more detail (#517)

Bug fixes:

  • Several URL bugs fixed related to logout/reload (#524)
    • Strip selection from URL if selected topic/association not readable anymore after logout
    • Invalid routes (stale topicmap ID and/or topic ID) are redirected to valid route
  • Several password related bugs fixed:
    • Several users can have the same password (#85)
    • Saving an user account w/o any changes works as expected (#520)
    • User can change her password also if she lacks WRITE permission for the current workspace (#519)
    • Change-username requests are rejected. DMX usernames are fixed. (#521)
    • More clear error message when user tries to empty her password (#523)
  • Webclient search results don’t break in-mid word (#522) Thanks to @gevlish!
  • Line wrap Webclient error notifications (#525)

Plugin development:

  • Core API (BREAKING CHANGE): Credentials makes plain text password available (#515) Thanks to @thebohemian!
  • Core API: add getConfigDir() to DMXUtils (#527) Thanks to @thebohemian!
  • Core’s ValueIntegrator supports custom workspace assignments for created topics/associations (#519)
  • Webservice: boolean return values of RESTful methods are JSON serialized automatically (#516) Thanks to @thebohemian!

Getting DMX 5.3.3

You can update any DMX installation not older than DMX 5.0-beta-4. For update instructions see the DMX Admin Documentation. For developers (who update via git pull) see also this forum posting.

Download DMX 5.3.3 (7.5 MB):

Available DMX plugins (“DMX Geomaps”, “DMX Tableview”, “DMX LDAP”, …) will continue to run in DMX 5.3.3 resp. are adapted already. Please check out:

DMX source code is available at GitHub:

The DMX platform 5.3.3 artifacts are available at Maven Central: