Get to know the people working at DMX Systems

Our Team is growing

Currently, our team is based in Berlin (Germany) and Kemiö (Finland). You are welcome to join the team. Please feel encouraged to contact DMX Systems or any of the team members.

DMX Systems UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Parkstrasse 3
13187 Berlin

Iris Rabener

Iris is co-founder and Managing Director of several companies. She holds a diploma in media consultancy from Technical University Berlin and started her entrepreneurial career during her studies with a video production company. Iris is an excellent analyst. During the last 12 years she has advised clients across a broad range of industries, specialising in business and process analysis and requirements engineering. For many years she has been involved with women in leadership and, since 2012, been a board member of the Friends of the EAF Berlin. Besides analyzing and structurizing she loves to hang out climbing a rock.

Jörg Richter

Jörg is the inventor of the DMX platform and its lead developer. After abandoning his LEGO bricks he discovered the computer as the ultimate tool for endless puzzles. That was 1981 when he learned Z80 assembler on a MPF-I. A year later he did Pac Man and Centipede clones on his ZX Spectrum. When at high school he created MIDI sound editors for Roland keyboards and sold them through G.C.Geerdes and Softarts. After studying computer science and linguistics he built the website, one of the largest about contemporary arts. Today he is passionate about designing the digital medium to its greatest potential, which according to Janet Murray is building shared structures of meaning. Since 2019 he runs Essential Madness Radio (EMR), an ever changing stream of weird music.

Jürgen Neumann

Juergen became DMX evangelist in 2004, shortly after digging deeper into free software, mesh-networking and initiating He started working with computers in 1984, and since then has been looking for ways to deploy ICT in useful ways for organizations and society. He founded his first computer firm in 1990 and has become a serial entrepreneur. As consultant for ICT strategy and implementation he has worked with many major German and international companies and non-profit organisations. He is an appointed independent expert for the European Commission. And had the computer not been invented, he might have become a product designer, aerobic trainer or just a power bummer …

Ingo Rau

Ingo is a successful entrepreneur, experienced software concepteur and a reliable salesman. He is particularly interested in creating valuable yet self-determined user experiences at the boundary of real life and information technology. Ingo studied communication and media sciences at Technische Universität Berlin and holds a diploma as media consultant. He worked as consultant and board member for IT and real estate companies, telcos, leading german retailers, Deutsche Bahn as well as companies within the financial sector. When not thinking about the next great app, he relaxes while climbing in the mountains or up in the air in the cockpit of a sports airplane.

Tuomo Tammenpää

Tuomo discovered DMX some years ago and has been interested in exploring the user experience in knowledge management interfaces. Tuomo is a designer, entrepreneur and an artist from Kemiö, Finland. He shares his time between design commissions, cultural productions, and experimental prototyping. After twenty years of work with interactive media art and digital design he has focused his work on playful interaction in connected worlds, embracing the ideological framework of Open Hardware and Do-It-With-Others practices. In his spare time Tuomo explores the infinite possibilities of randomising the ingredients in cooking and the components in sound hacking, quite often at the same time.

Malte Reissig

Malte is a designer, application engineer and researcher contributing to the development of dmx for over 8 years now. He has developed various interaction-designs around layouting graphs and collaborative practices of web mapping. In his current role as a researcher at the IASS Potsdam he investigates the theory and practice of corporate sustainability management with a focus on data integrity, interoperability and on collaboratively mapping relations between different sustainability indicator sets and data classification systems. He is the creator of over thirty plugins for the dmx context engine. His other engine is a Trabant 601 S as he likes machines that are reliable and can be maintained easily.

Silke Meyer

Silke first used DMX (DeepaMehta 2) to structure her scientific work while writing her PhD in political science. She sees science as one of the major use cases of the DMX Context Engine. From 2009 on, she started qualifying as a Linux System Engineer. Since then, she worked for the German Wikimedia chapter and for a hosting provider. Currently, she is working for the German Research and Education Network. She loves to build communication infrastructure with free software and she values data ownership in self-hosted IT infrastructures (like the DMX Platform). In her spare time, she likes to explore photography, yet another excuse to play with digital devices.

Björn Weigelt

Björn is a knowledge management expert intensively dealing with the innovation- and cooperation- processes of actors and networks. In his research on how to coordinate the collaboration of heterogeneous communities he came across DMX, fascinated by the possibilities to visualize relations in such networks. Björn studied communication in social and economic context and finished with a diploma. Most recently, he was responsible for cooperation management at the Faculty of Design of the University of the Arts Berlin and thus has excellent university connections. For a time out he goes on the golf course or watches a chessboxing match, a worldwide sport that he co-founded in 2003.