The Context Machine

A powerful tool with an easy to use interface


What can I do with DMX?

With DMX you can author, explore and structure networked information. The approach is quite unique, as in Filemaker or Access, since data and data model are stored in the same database and both are under your control at any time. DMX supports learning, knowledge creation, collaboration and communication. Get in touch with us to find out more about the traits that contribute to the unique DMX identity.

Do I need programming skill to use it?

No. You can start creating your first Topicmap without any programming skills. Just download the latest version of DMX, unpack the ZIP-file on your computer and follow our user guide.

What's the difference between DMX and DeepaMehta?

DMX is the continuation of the open source plattform DeepaMehta originally created by senior developer Jörg Richter. In 2018 our core team founded the DMX Systems company which now manages the software development and client projects based on the DMX platform.

Will my Topicmap not become confusing when I have entered lots of information?

No, because you can easily "clean it up" by hiding Topics and Associations that are currently not relevant. DMX stores everything in its memory and you can reveal each information at any time - either on the Topicmap you started with or on a new one you created for your new work situation.

DMX - The Context Machine is your perfect tool for authoring, structuring and exploring networked information. Each individual item is a Topic which can be placed on a Topicmap. You can relate Topics through meaningful Associations.

Screenshot of a Topicmap in DMX Modeler showing "Railway" by Édouard Manet (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons and Manet in portrait by Nadar (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons

A Topicmap is a powerful means to learn and remember because it's visual and stable. It is created by you or your team. Our brain is excellent at processing information presented in such a way. Thereby DMX supports your individual and collaborative knowledge creation process.

Each Topic has a specific type e.g. Person, Organisation, Address or any other Topic Type you create. All Topics and Associations are stored in your DMX knowledge base. This networked information can be explored in multiple ways.