DMX 5.1 has been released at Dec 30, 2020.

Highlight feature:

  • Association Search: for the first time you can search for associations. You have all the filters available known from topic search: by-type, by-value, by-child-value. You can also combine all kinds of topic and association filters to search for associations by their (topic-)players.


  • The user can delete geomaps and tableviews interactively.
  • Revised login state: once logged in, a menu is displayed, extensible by plugins.
  • As inspired by a forum poster: all Webclient dialogs are movable, and do not dimm the screen anymore.
  • For plugin developers there are a lot of new Webclient extension possibilities.

For the complete overview of DMX 5.1 see the tickets of Milestone 10.

You can update any DMX installation not older than DMX 5.0-beta-4.
For update instructions see the DMX Admin Documentation.
For developers (who update via git pull) see also this forum posting.

Download DMX 5.1 (7.5 MB):

IMPORTANT: before you update your DMX installation: in case you have extra plugins installed (“DMX Geomaps”, “DMX Tableview”, …): please check if they are adapted to DMX 5.1 already on the Plugins page.
All major plugins are adapted to 5.1 already.