DMX 5.0-beta-7 was released. It’s main focus was API consolidation and developer experience. The platform standard distribution has grown about 1.2 MByte to 8.7 MByte in file size as it now includes the following plugins by default:

  • DMX Mobile Client 5.0-beta-2
  • DMX LDAP 0.5.1
  • DMX Cooking 0.1
  • DMX Geomaps 0.1
  • DMX Tableview 0.4.0

These extra plugins can be found in the bundles-available folder and are not installed by default. For installing and uninstalling plugins please have a look at the corresponding section in the docs (right here).

For webclient users there’s the long awaited feature allowing to move topics (or associations) in between workspaces.

For the full list of bugfixes, breaking changes and improvements you can find details in the milestone board for the 5.0-beta-7 in our Gitlab.