DMX as Hosted Service

Choose from our range of managed hosting services with professional server management (EU).

Free individual account on our shared community platform myDMX

  • Limited sharing modes
  • Pre-selected plugins
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Professional account for personal, team and workgroup use

  • Up to 4 sharing modes
  • Up to 5 additional plugins
  • File upload up to 5GB
  • AGPL licensing only

*starting from €3,50 per month

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Professional account for small/medium business and enterprises

  • Unlimited sharing modes
  • Unlimited plugins
  • File upload up to 50GB
  • Proprietary licensing possible
  • Individual support
  • Hosting under your domain possible

*starting from €17,40 per month

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DMX self-hosted

You are free to host your own instance of DMX. We offer a Dual Licensing Scheme.

DMX is Free and Open Source software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License [AGPL]. It is free to use, to modify and to extend under the terms and conditions of this license. This version of DMX is provided without warranties or guarantees.

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If you want to use DMX in combination with one of our or your own proprietary plugins we do provide a proprietary license for non-free applications. Contact our sales department to negotiate the terms and conditions depending on your individual usecase.

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Professional Services

DMX can be your choice for a wide range of usecases. Depending on you skills you will get very far on your own. We provide comprehensive training material in our Learn-Section. If things get more complex you may appreciate our professional services.

Our experienced team of business analysts and knowledge engineers is here for you. Find out in a 1/2 day workshop if DMX is the right fit for you.

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Introduction to the basics of data modelling with DMX for your in-house experts. Learn how DMX can enhance your project in a 1 day training.

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Individual plugin development to enhance your DMX installation.

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